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Whiteburnshank Cottage & Outdoor Centre for Hire

whiteburnshank cottage

Whiteburnshank is an old shepherd’s cottage located in the heart of Kidland Forest in the Northumberland National Park 8 kms from Alwinton in a secluded hillside location accessed by forest tracks.

Available 365 days a year, the cottage is ideal for groups or organisations wanting to organise their own outdoor activities and pursuits. Scouts, guides, D of E, school groups, bona fide organisations and families wishing to get away from it all can book by the night for any length of stay. We do not operate a seasonal booking tariff.

The area offers a wealth of opportunities for training, recreational and educational activities:

  • Hiking / walking / orienteering
  • Mountain / trail biking
  • Camping (on Whiteburnshank site only)
  • Bird watching
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Team building
  • Social inclusion training

The centre is leased from Tilhill Forestry so some activities are strictly prohibited such as rallying, quad biking, dirt track riding and shooting. Further information can be obtained about activities can be obtained from Tilhill before making your booking.